Greatness. What does the word mean?

Personal Greatness is: the optimal use of your resources and capabilites.

Thus, to be great not only means being the very best in the world, as we would call Amelia Earhart a great aviator and Martin Luther King Jr. a great leader. To be great means to be the best you can be -- and to carry out that greatness daily in business and in life. And then: to adjust what you do as the world changes around you.

In 2000, the partners of ASGMC, Scott Asalone & Jan Sparrow, began a quest to find out, first-hand, how people strive for and achieve greatness. This led them to ask questions of individuals and groups; take surveys; read research and academic documents both new and classic; and observe business and life wherever they were.

They called this effort The Greatness ProjectTM.

Scott and Jan then began to write about what they found. Their writings are captured on a monthly newsletter that is both challenging and encouraging.

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Invitation & Challenge

We invite you to join the journey, to discover what you are capable of and what is getting in the way of achieving your greatness. Then we challenge you to strive for and surpass your own expectations and achieve what you never thought possible.

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